Is your child having trouble grasping GCSE maths?

At Sevenoaks Tutoring we help students to forge exciting futures.

If you’re worried or concerned about your child’s learning, we’d love to help you alleviate those worries. We all know how important maths skills are when it comes to education. If your child is below expectations in maths classes or indeed, is above and needs challenging to help truly realise potential, extra maths tuition at Sevenoaks Tutoring is just the ticket.

We can help your child succeed with:

  • Numerical methods
  • Time
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Fractions, decimal fractions and percentages
  • And a whole lot more…

What do our students get from their maths sessions?

  • Building confidence
  • Moving up a set
  • Boosting grades
  • Entrance exams
  • Providing more focussed attention

Increased confidence

Confidence is vital, but too few children have it.  A confident child is often at an advantage when it comes to education because they don’t see the work as daunting, but rather as a challenge that they can and will overcome.  That’s what we aim to foster.

Academic improvement

One of the main reasons why parents come to Sevenoaks Tutoring is because they’re worried about grades.  And whilst we don’t merely focus on academic performance, we do realise that it’s massively important.  We’ll work with your child to achieve their goals.

Exam success

If your child is studying for exams and needs a hand, we can provide it.  We know the curriculum back to front and we’re constantly updating our knowledge so that we can help our students prepare.

We care deeply about helping children to learn, grow and forge a fantastically exciting future with extra maths tuition.

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  • He can work things out and try new things without instantly assuming he can't do it...

    "Just wanted say thank you so very much for all the support you have given T over the last 7 months.

    His confidence and ability in Maths has improved so much, he is able to work things out and try new things without instantly assuming he can't do it. This, for us, is lovely to see as parents - thank you.

    It's been a pleasure to see him enjoying his time with you, Zoe. You have brought out so much fab stuff in T! "

    Mrs T
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